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Spoken English (Eenadu-Prathibha)

Spoken English (Eenadu-Prathibha)

Spoken English - courtesy by Eenadu Prathibha, english grammer book, grammer e-book , spoken english practice book, free english grammer e-books ,This book covers various topics like......
group discussions, vocabulary, pronounciation guide, verbs, articles, countable uncountable,

shift move, am pm, in on, till untill, table off your, he left school at, the pen is mine, rate at , price for ,of from out of , india the us, i am with you, by nine points, talking about, what for ? , on the campus..,have your a pen? , he had been an actor, they had been an actor, they had gone for,, i can speak, how can we... you can talk now , i can't give, he is going to..., when will you be free ? and many more...

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