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vocabulary Builder Book-2

"Vocabulary builder book-2" is written by P.Manohar Naidu sir. This book is useful for primay and pre-primary school childrens. This book is also  useful for remedial teaching purpose also. This book contains.....1)Look at the pictures and read them (Picture Reading),2) Read the given words ,3)Match the following ,4. Match the word with the picture , 5. Circle the same word , 6. Write the following words in alphabetical order , 7. Write the correct number related to the picture8. Write the names of animals using the word list ,9. Tick (√ ) the right word under the each picture , 10. Find and circle the words given below ,11. Do the puzzle , 12. Complete the given concept map with related words , 13. Circle the animal names ,14. Find the odd one out ,15. Read the given words and write under the correct headings , 16. Find & write the names of animals starting with the letters C, R, S, G, B, D, T ,17. Read and write the missing letters18. Write the plurals , 19. Write names of the pictures given below, 20. Complete the words ,21. Complete the words ,22. Circle the word with right spelling
23. Arrange the jumble letters , 24. Re-arrange the jumble letters and find animal names , 25. Write at least 5 animal names using the letter box.C G E I K ,26. Write as many words as possible with the letters given in the table, 27.Write as many words as possible from the given words C H I M P A N Z, 29. Complete the cross word ,30. Read animal and their babies. Circle the names of babies , 31. Read and write.., 32. Do the puzzle and find the mystery word.( only animals ) , 33. Read the following , 34. Match the following , 35. Write animal produces, using the given words , 36. Put a correct letter before each word to make a new word , 38. Try to use the following adjectives in your own phrases. Clues are given below , 39. Write “ Yes” or “No” to these questions40. Read the following tables and write sentences with the help of the table given , 41. Read the given sentences and circle the names of animals ,42. Re- arrange the jumbled letters given in the brackets and fill in the blanks , 43. Choose the correct word and write in the blank , 44. Fill in the blank with the correct word , 45. Fill in the blank with the correct word ,46. True are false ,47. Look at the words given, decide which animal you like. Complete the sentence ,48. Letters with numbers are given in the box. Pick up the letter under each number and replace the numbers by writing it in the blanks and read ,49. Find the correct answer put { √ } mark , 50. Re-arrange the words to make a meaningful sentence ,51. Look at the pictures of animals and answer the questions given below ,52. Write suitable words / phrases / sentences , 53. Choose the correct answer ,54. Fill the correct word using the given picture ,55. Put the word in parentheses in the correct position in the sentences, 56. Fill in the blanks with the right number ,57. Here some animals say their likes and dislikes. Read given Example. Fill in the blanks ,58. Describe the given picture using the given hints ,59. Read the sentences about the given animals , 60. Here is Gopi’s pet. Read the sentences and write about your pet, 61. Write at least five sentences about the given animals, 62. Write some sentences using the tables given ,63. conversations, 64. The lion ( king of the all animals ) held a meeting and asking which abilitiesthey can do / they can’t do, 65. Read and write , 66. paragraph questions , 67. Read the story using pictures and write the story in the given space below ,

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