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The Secrets Behind Problem Posing and Solving

"The Secrets Behind Problem Posing and Solving" book is written by R.Hara Gopal, SA Maths , Kurnool Dt.

 In the present competitive educational system where only marks’ scoring is given importance, students have restricted themselves only to the method given in the textbook instead of exploring themselves to many other ways of problem solving.In order to make mathematics students friendly by this book a conscious attempt has been made to simplify concepts, to facilitate better understanding of the subject, so that students would here by love to solve problems through various methods and also improve their creative thinking.

 In this book along with the problems and their solutions included the concepts behind each & every problem that would  help the students for the analysis, some interesting facts about mathematics. This book contains.. The Historical Problem of Ramanujan,Ramanujan’s view of squaring the circle, Balancing numbers, Some Non Routine problems, Problems proposed by the students etc..

For download the above e-book click on below link

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