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AP Teachers Transfers Clarification Rc No:4102/ESTT-III/Clfs/2015

          AP Teachers Transfers Clarification Rc No:4102

Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/Clfs/2015 Date: /07/2017
Sub:- School Education Department – Norms for Rationalization of Schools, Posts and Staff under various managements i.e., Government, Zilla Parishads and Mandal Parishads in the State – Certain clarifications issued – Reg.
Read:-1.G.O.Ms.No.29 School Education (ser.II) Department, Dated:22.05.2017.
2. This Office Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015, Dated:24.05.2017.
3. This Office Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015, Dated:24.05.2017.
4. This Office Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/Clfs/2015, Dated:30.05.2017.
5.G.O.Ms.No.33 School Education (ser.II) Department, Dated:04.06.2017.
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7. This Office Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/Clfs/2015, Dated:05.06.2017.
8. This Office Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/Clfs/2015, Dated:10.06.2017.
9. This Office Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/Clfs/2015, Dated:16.06.2017.
10.Govt. Memo.No.542980/Services.II/A.2/2017 School Education (Services.II) Department, Dated:16.06.2017.
11. This Office Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/Clfs/2015, Dated:18.06.2017.
12. This Office Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/Clfs/2015, Dated:19.06.2017.
13.G.O.Ms.No.42 School Education (Services.II) Department, Dated:30.06.2017.
14. This Office Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015, Dated:03.07.2017.
15.Lr.Rc.No.3435/B1(A3)/2014, Dated:01.07.2017 of the DEO, Srikakulam.
16. E-Mail Dated:01.07.2017 from the DEO, Kadapa.
17. Lr.Rc.No.3939/A1/2017, Dated:24.06.2017 of the DEO, Prakasam.
18. Lr.Rc.No.3141/B1/B2/A3/A5/C6/2017, Dated:02.07.2017 of the DEO, Ananthapur.
All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State is informed that, some of the District Educational Officers have requested certain clarifications in the reference 15th and 18th read above. In this connection, the following clarifications are issued and they are requested to take further necessary action in the matter promptly.

Clarification requested
Clarification issued
DEO, Srikakulam
Requesting for excluding name of A. Tejasri, SA (B), GGHS, Srikakulam who is senior in DSC Merit (Rank and Roster) instead of Date of Birth.

The seniority in the cadre shall be taken into account
D.E.O., Kadapa
Requested to clarify whether SA (BS) need be rationalized, when allotment of SA  (Maths),  SA  (PS),  SA  (SS),   L.P.
(Telug), L.P. (Hindi) posts is to be made as per norms in G.O.Ms.No.42
SA (BS) post may be allowed, when SA (Maths / PS) posts are not feasible to allot
D.E.O., Prakasam
ZPHS, Kothapali, Darsi Mandal is having strength 16 in English medium. All the students are girls and distance between  Kothapalli  and  Rajampali   is
5.2 KMs. The mentioned distance was confirmed by AEE, R & B, Podili and requested to continue both media in the school
Instructed to follow the clarification issued   at    Point    No.14    issued               in Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/Clfs/2015, Dated:05.06.2017
ZPHS, Hanumanthunipadu is having strength 24 in English medium and requested to continue both media in the school as there is no high school nearer within 12 KMs
Instructed to follow the clarification issued   at    Point   No.14    issued               in Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/Clfs/2015, Dated:05.06.2017
Requested to not to merge the MPUPS, Somavarapadu, Korisaspadu into ZPHS, Medarametla, Korisapadu mandal as there is highway in between these two schools and distance between these two schools is 3.5 KM
DEO    is    instructed    to    follow             the instructions issued          in             Proc.Rc.No. 4102/Estt-III/Clfs/2015, Dated:24.05.2017
DEO, Ananthapur
Requested to clarify to adjust the 21SGT (Urdu) posts which are  identified as surplus in Upper Primary and Primary School to the needy Urdu Medium High Schools which are having no School Assistant Posts
May be considered under work adjustment after completion of the rationalization & Transfers Exercise.
Clarification requested to adjust the SA (Maths) (Urdu Medium) posts (which are   not   surplus   as   per   norms, but
Not feasible for consideration. May be considered under work adjustment after completion of Rationalization and

school having less total enrolment) in the Schools in Sl.No.2, 3 and 4 to the remaining schools in Sl.No.5, 6 and 7  as per enrolment by allotting single post to schools shown in Sl.No.2, 3 and 4  (as mentioned in his letter)
Transfers schedule

Further, all the Regional Joint Directors and District Educational Officers in the State are informed that in the Table II-A the slab at Sl.No.10 shall be read as 20-100 instead of 21-100 likewise, in the Table II-B the slab at Sl.No.9 shall be read as 31-140 instead of 30-140.
Any deviation of these instructions will be viewed seriously and necessary disciplinary action will be initiated against the defaulters.
Receipt of these proceedings should be acknowledged forthwith.

Sd/- K Sandhya Rani
Commissioner of School Education
All the District Educational Officers in the State
All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the State.
Copy to all the District Collectors and District Magistrates in the State.
Copy submitted to the Special Chief Secretary to Government, School Education Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Velgapudi for information.
Copy to all the observers nominated to oversee the Rationalization exercise in the Districts for necessary action and compliance.
//True Copy Attested//

Assistant Director(Serv.III)

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