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Paper-I -Childhood, Child Development and Learning-text book

AP-D.El.Ed-Paper-I(Childhood,Child Development and Learning)
        The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) Andhra Pradesh are newly developed D.El.Ed text books from 2015-16 Batch. This book is useful for D.El.Ed students, TET and DSC aspirants.
     The purpose of these courses is to equip the student-teacher with the background knowledge that she needs to develop an understanding of the elementary school child and his/her socio-cultural contexts. This background includes a critical engagement with theories, as well as socio-cultural issues in the world of children and childhood. Building upon the above, the aim is to build sensitivity towards children?s developmental needs and capabilities, within their socio-cultural context.
Specific Objectives of this book
  1. To review general conceptions about child and childhood (specifically with reference to the Indian social context); develop a sensitive and critical understanding of the different social/educational/cultural realities at the core of the exploration into childhood.
  2. To develop an understanding of different aspects of a child?s physical, motor, social and emotional development.
  3. To understand the developmental process of children with diverse abilities in social, cultural and political context.
  4. To provide hands-on experiences to interact with children, and training in methods to understand aspects of the development of children.
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