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Guidelines and schedule For Swachhata Pakhwada 2018

Guidelines and schedule For Swachhata Pakhwada 2018

Why we are organizing 15 days drive : Must keep indicators :
a. After 15 days of campaign, children should be in a position to WASH their hands with soap during critical times
b. After 15 days of campaign, children must be in a position to use the toilets and urinals in a proper manner, maintaining as well and monitoring by some child committees
c. Establish or strengthen child clubs on water, sanitation and hygiene in schools
d. Adolescent girls are practicing menstrual hygiene management and also children at the age of 11-13 aware of menstruation before menarche
e. Prepare daily, weekly, monthly operational and maintenance schedule and maintain from now onwards
f. Capacity building and behavior change on hygiene must be a part of the education and regular process
g. Take this opportunity to educate parents and community and after 15 days, there must be a healthy community and school environment to support all the WASH prgrams

All Headmasters are requested to organize swatch pakwada from 01-09-2018 to 15-09-2018 at your school level 

👉 01-09-18: Swatch Shapath Day

👉 02-09-18 to 04-09-18: Swacchatha Awareness

👉 05-09-18:Green School Drive

👉 06-09-18: Swacchatha Participation Day

👉 07-09-18: Hand wash Day

👉 08-09-18: Personal Hygenic Day

👉 09-09-18 and 10-09-18: Community Participation Day

👉 11-09-18: Swacchatha School Exhibition Day

👉 12-09-18: Swacch Water Day

👉 13-09-18: Water Harvesting Day

👉 14-09-18: Letter Writing Day

👉 15-09-18: Prize Distribution Day

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