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Funny Telugu Words Reading Book Prepared By Manohar Nayudu.P

Funny Telugu Words Reading  Book Prepared By Manohar Nayudu.P, chittor Dis

In this pdf will have collection of words,these words reading will be bit funny,while reading the wors you have to think little bit,these kind of reading will improve your thinking power,in case if you are not able to read the words we have given the answers on bottom of the pdf,you can go through it and have fun.

Click here to download the మమ్మల్ని చదువుతార pdf
Funny Telugu Words Reading  Book Prepared By Manohar Nayudu.P,Funny Telugu Words Reading  Book ,మమ్మల్ని చదువుతార  పిడిఎఫ్ ,
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  1. Useful material but not able to use as tom coz the big watermark TLM FOR ALL. What is the use to provide.