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DEIED is a 2 years training course for those who wants to be a teacher (class I-VIII). According to  N.C.T.E. rules no one can apply for the post of primary teacher without this training.
Diploma in Elementary Education Programme is an effort of School of Education to enhance understanding and competencies of in-service teachers for carrying out the teaching learning process effectively at the elementary level.
It aims to prepare teachers for the elementary stage of education, i.e. classes I to VIII. The aim of elementary education is to fulfill the basic learning needs of all children in an inclusive school environment bridging social and gender gaps with the active participation of the community.

The elementary teacher education programme carries different nomenclatures such as BTC, J.B.T, D.Ed. and (Diploma in Education). Henceforth, the nomenclature of the programme shall be the same across all states and it shall be referred to as the ‘Diploma in Elementary Education'(D.EI.Ed).
Paper 1 Education In Contemporary  Indian Society
Paper 2 Integrating Gender and Inclusive Perspectives In Education
Paper 3 School Culture, Leadership and Teacher Development 
Paper 4 Pedagogy of English at Primary Level
Paper 5 Pedagogy of Environmental Studies at Primary Level
Paper 6(A) Pedagogy of English Language Education
Paper 6(B) Pedagogy of Mother Tongue Education-Telugu
Paper 6(C) Pedagogy of Maths Education
Paper 6(D) Pedagogy of Science Education
Paper 6(E) Pedagogy of Social Science Education

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