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Orientatation classes for teachers in ALA schools

ALA Programme – Implementation for the academic year 2019-20- orientatation for teachers in ALA schools 

All district educational officers and Project officers of Samagra Siksha in the state are aware that Ananda Lahari Abhyasana (ALA) programme is being implemented successfully from the last 2 academic years. This academic year it is scaled upto 3,4, & 5 classes also. At this juncture ALA Master Coaches trainings are completed recently and now it is the time for conducting ALA school teachers orientation on the pedagogy of 3, 4 and 5 classes. Before teacher trainings it is planned to conduct one day orientation to all Mandal Educational Officers in the districts to have a clear underastanding on the ALA pedagogy as they are the key monitoring officers in proper implementation of the programme i.e. on 21st June.
Therefore all the District Educational Officers and Project officers of Samagra of all districrts are requested conduct the training for these identified ALA school teachers in 2 different spells.
Planning Day for ALA teacher training- 22nd June
First spell - From 23rdJune to 26th June
Second spell - From 27th June to 30th June

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