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SSC Model answer booklet

Download...SSC Model answer booklet
(As per Board of Secondary Education, A.P.)
1.Write your answers on two sides of the paper. The question numbers are to be carefully indicated. 
2.All the rough work must be done at the bottom the page wherever necessary, separated the subject matter by a line and noting “rough work". 
3.No Additional answer Book (S) will be provided. You should not detach or tear any paper or part from the Answer Book. 
4.Candidates should write in all 24 lines in each page. It is not necessary to begin each Answer in a trash page. 
5.Do not write in the margin. The answers must be legibly written either in blue or black ink only. Red or Green ink should not be used. 
6.You are prohibited from writing your Name or Register No. on any part of the Main book or on OMR Sheet. 
7.You are prohibited from bringing any forbidden material like loose sheets of paper, book written, printed, typed, cyclostyled Xerox sheets etc. into the examination hall. 
8.You are prohibited from writing objectionable or obscene language or write any thing addressing the examiner in any manner whatsoever in the answer book. It you do so your script will not be valued any you should be subjected to disciplinary action. 
9.Responsibility to handover the answer script to the invigilator lies with you only. 
10.Any misbehaviour by you in the examination hall results in your expulsion by the Chief Superintendent and also attracts severe punishment by the Board. 
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