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              TYPES OF PENSIONS
Superannuation pension – Superannuation pension is granted to a Government Servant who retires on attaining the age of Superannuation.
Retiring Pension – Retiring Pension  shall be granted to a Government Servant who retires on completion of 33 years of service, or is retired, in advance of the age of Superannuation in accordance with provisions of Rule 43 & 44.
Pension on absorption - In or under a corporation, company or body – A Government Servant who has been permitted to be absorbed on completion of 10 years of qualifying service in a service or post in or under a corporation or company wholly or substantially owned or controlled by the Government etc., and if such absorption is declared by the Government in the Public interest shall be granted Pro-rata Pension. Provided that the Government shall have no liability for the payment of Family Pension in such a case.
Invalid Pension – A Government Servant who is declared by the appropriate medical authority to be permanently incapacitated for further service in accordance with the instructions on the subject, may be granted invalid pension (Subject to Rule 45 of the AP Revised Pension Rules 1980) .
Compensation Pension – A Government servant is entitled to get compensation pension owing to the abolition of his permanent post (Subject to Rule 45 of the AP Revised Pension Rules 1980). 
Compulsory Retirement Pension – A Government Servant compulsorily retired from service as a penalty may be granted by the competent authority, pension or gratuity or both at the rate not less than two-thirds and not more than full compensation pension or gratuity or both admissible to him on the date of his compulsory retirement.
Compassionate Allowance  - A government servant who is dismissed or removed from service shall forfeit his pension and gratuity.  But if such case is deserving of special considerations, sanction of compassionate allowance may be granted to him not exceeding two thirds of pension or gratuity or both which would have been admissible to him.
Retirement on Completion of 20 years of Service - A government servant shall have the option to retire from service voluntarily after he has put in not less than twenty years of qualifying service  subject to certain conditions (Rule 43).
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