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A Complete Book of Formative Assessment 2
For Class VIII (TM)

1. Syllabus for FA 2.
2. Lab Activities for 10 marks.
    1) Identifying fibre by burning test.
    2) Identifying strong fibre among cotton, wool, silk and Nylon.
    3) Identifying thermoplastic and thermo setting plastics
3. Project works 10 marks.
    1) Identifying fibre by burning test.
    2) Collect information about laundry codes.
    3) Identifying laundry codes in sample cloths.
    4) Collect information about Resin Identification Codes.
    5) Collect information of bio degradable and non bio degradable material.
4. Written Works - Note books for 10 marks.
    1) How to allot marks for written works - note books.
5. Slip test for 20 marks.
    1) Formative Assessment 2 Model Paper
For class 8 formative assessments have to evaluate through four measures
1) Lab Activities (10 marks) 2) Written works ( 10 marks)
3) Project works (10 marks) 4) Slip test (20 marks)
For download above all in one click on below link
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