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Letter Writing Formats With Examples

Letter Writing Formats With Examples

A letter consists of Six Parts.  
1. The Heading: - Consists of the Writer's address and the date. 
2. The Salutation:- The addressee (receiver) is addressed in a Formal or Informal way according to the relationship. 
3. The Body of the Letter: - It is the matter contained and can be brief or long according to the nature of the letter. It should be in good English and neatly arranged in Paragraphs. It starts like paragraphs, below the salutation. 
4. The Subscription: - It is how the letter is ended. 5. The Signature: - It is the signature and name of the writer just below the Subscription. 6. The Superscription: - It is the address on the envelope. 

Classification of Letters:- 
Letters can broadly be classified into TWO 
1. Personal Letters /Social Letters /Informal Letters. 
These are letters written to friends, colleagues, neighbours, relatives, and acquaintances i.e (Persons known to us). Their style is therefore simple and natural. The subject matter of such letters are usually exchange of news, views (opinion), greeting, making a request, giving an apology (excuse) or enquiring we must however take care to observe the basic rules of writing composition like spelling, grammar and proper punctuation. 
2. Official Letters /Business Letters /Formal Letters. 
They are formal letters written to government agencies or company officials. The tone of such letters should be formal and not sound too personal and intimate. It should be concise (brief), with statement of relevant facts and be to the point. The subject of such letters could be making an enquiry, writing an application for a job or seeking admission etc.

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