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Communication Skills in English

Communication Skills in English

  • This Pdf Will Containes The Following Topics
This module will help
a. To understand the basics of “Phonetics”.
b. To familiarise the students with the sounds and symbols of English.
c. To identify the various reasons for incorrect pronunciation.
d. To understand the Syllable, Word stress and Intonation
e. To help students learn to pronounce vowels, diphthongs and consonant sounds properly.
f. To familiarize the students with transcription, strong forms and weak forms of words.

The international language, English is a window to the outside world. As a global language it has a unique status . English has no one-to-one correspondence between the letters of the alphabets and the sounds they represent. For example, the letter /i/ is pronounced differently in"ink” and “ice”. The letter /K/ in “keep” and /C/ in “cat”is pronounced alike . In English, one letter of the alphabet stands for more than one sound. Thus there is no one to one relationship between spelling and pronunciation.
It is a fact that some speakers of English attract us with their good command of language with correct pronunciation. English is a foreign language and we are not the native speakers ofEnglish. In India it is a second language and so there exists a serious problem with regard to the
correct pronunciation of the English words. Since there are varieties of English spoken in different parts of the world, we often come across, incorrect pronunciation and mispronunciations.

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