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NPS – Contributory Pension Scheme–Instructions for uploading the CPS subscriptions– Issued


NPS – Contributory Pension Scheme–Instructions for uploading the CPS subscriptions– Issued

Memo No. FIN02-160134/7/2020-F SEC-DTA Dated 11/02/2022

Sub: - NATIONAL PENSION SYSTEM – Contributory Pension Scheme–Instructions for uploading the CPS subscriptions– Issued.

Ref: -

01.) This Office Memo No. D-II/CPS/10393/2012, Dated 30/07/2012.

02.) This Office Memo No. D(II)1/13804/2012, Dated 10/06/2013, 27/06/2013 and 01/07/2013.

03.) This Office Cir. Memo No. D5/11020/2012, Dated 29/07/2015.

04.) This Office Cir. Memo No. D5/13804/2012, Dt 4/2/16, 10/8/16 and 20/12/2017.


Attention of all the Deputy Directors of District Treasuries in the State is invited to the references cited. It is informed that CPS data for the month from Nov’ 2021 & Dec’ 2021 paid in Dec’ 2021 & Jan’ 2022 respectively including pending data of the earlier period is provided access to all the Unit Officers.

They are requested to take necessary action to process it for generation of text files and upload them to the CRA as per the procedures prescribed, positively by Feb 14, 202 2. This process contains some arrear data also and therefore, it may take some long time to get the desired output. They shall also take immediate follow-up action to transfer funds as per the orders issued in GO Ms. No. 196, Dated 24/07/2012 of Finance (Pen. I) Department and instructions issued in this office memo 01st cited. Since it is a regular subscription upload, Government contribution shall be adjusted from the HOA: 2071-01-117-00- 04-320-321-VN to the HOA: 8342-00-117-11-04-001-002-VN. They should take action to minimize the time gap between SCF upload and funds transfer. The process of drawl of funds and their transfer should be completed on T* + 2 basis as already instructed in this office Circular Memo 04th cited.

They are specifically informed that; the validity period of SCF / Trans ID is ten days only. They should transfer the funds within five days. Otherwise, the Trans ID gets lapsed.


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