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Guidelines for teachers (for PS & UPS)Self-assessment by the teacher should be done at least twice in a year, First quarter ending and third quarter ending.
  •    Fill up the teacher identification information on page I of the format ( PINDICS).
  •   No item should be left blank
  •   Teachers should read each performance indicator carefully and reflect on it in the context of their classroom practice and give rating point in appropriate box.
  •   Each teacher should give rating point on the four point scale according to the teacher performance against each indicator.
  •   Work out total score on the performance standard (area) by adding scores on each indicator of the standard.
  •   Prepare a descriptive report on the basis of teacher assessment. The report may also include the areas in which help is required.

Guidelines for School Complex Head Masters(for PS&UPS)Assessment by School Complex Head Master should be carried out twice (First quarter ending and third quarter ending ) in a year keeping in view following points.School Complex HMs should assess the each teacher performance report (PINDICS)  at their cluster level twice in a year.
  •   School Complex HMS should consolidate the rating points of each Standards of the teacher and should give appropriate rating to each performance standards of the teacher.
  •   Complex HMS should submit the rating points of the each standard of the teacher to MEOs at mandal level.
  •   Teacher’s self-assessment record (PINDICS) should be considered
  •   Observe actual classroom processes
  •   Have dialogue with teachers, students and SMC members to supplement teacher’s report
  •   Prepare a descriptive report based on self-observation and report collected from the teacher
  •   Discuss the report with the teacher concerned to improve his/her level of performance
  •   Link the information from teacher’s assessment using PINDICS with information about student attendance, curriculum coverage and student learning outcomes from Quality Monitoring Tools (QMTs)
  •   Complete Teacher Performance Sheet and Consolidation Sheet at complex level.
In this above subject the SPD has reqested to all the DEOs and POs(SSA) to take necessary action for communication of the above instructions to all the teachers & school complex H.Ms in the respective districts for effective implementation of PINDICS in the schools.


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