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10th class social FA4 project works

FA4 PROJECT WORKS IN SOCIAL STUDIES is Prepared by Deekshitula Vaniprabha Madam , East godavari.

Set of activities in which pupils discover experiment and collect information by them- selves in a natural situation to understand a concept and arrive at a conclusion may be called a PROJECT.Project work essentially involves the students in a group work and submitting a report by the students on a given topic, after they worked on it, discussed it and  analyzed it from various angles and perspectives.
  1. Teachers must have a thorough awareness on projects to be assigned to the students.
  2. Teachers must give specific and accurate instructions to the students.
  3. Teachers must see that all the students must take part in the projects assigned.
  4. Allot the projects individually on the basis of student’s capabilities and nature of the projects.
  5. Teachers must see that children with different abilities are put in each group and give opportunity to select division of work according to their interesting task at the time of allotment of the project.
  6. Teachers must analyze and encourage the pupil, while they work on the project.
  7. Teachers should act as facilitators.
  8. Proper arrangements must be made for the presentation and discussion of each student’s project, when the students must be told whom to meet to collect the information needed.
  9. Allow the students to make use of the library, computer lab etc.
  10. Give time and fix a date to present the project. Each project should be submitted within a week in the prescribed Proforma.
  11. Each project can be allotted to more number of pupils just by changing the data available in and around the school.
  12. The projects presented should be preserved for future reference and inspection.
  13. Every mathematics teacher is more capable to prepare projects based on the Talent/Interest/ Capability of students.
  14. Teacher also ideal to the students by adopting one difficult project from each class.
  15. Procedure of the project should be expressed by the students using his own words.

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