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Physical Education Teachers Year Plan For 6th to 10th Classes

Physical Education Teachers Year Plan For 6th to 10th Classes Prepared By G.Bhanumurthy Raju and Laku pitchaiah

Physical education should be a part of every child's learning. As teachers, we
have the responsibility to educate the whole child. A well-rounded physical education plan promotes to students an "appreciation of their body, the acquisition of physical skills and increased abilities" (Wall and Murray, Perspectives). Keeping this in mind, a physical education program needs to be created with an element of adaptability to meet the needs of all students. We strongly believe it should value each individual’s abilities and strengths. Since the goal of any Physical Education program is the teaching of new skills and the improvement of existing skills, the program needs to be appropriately designed for the physical, cognitive, and social development of the students. The program that we have designed has taken all these factors into consideration.

Overall, we believe that the teacher's role in PE is to guide the students learning.
To do this, the teacher must provide specific positive feedback to the students. Allowing the students to practice a new move and modeling a few student examples from the class will allow the students to learn from their own peers. By using this method of teaching, the teacher will creatively allow the students to facilitate their own learning, as well as their fellow classmates. Furthermore, we believe when teaching PE, it is our job to create an environment that enhances the development of many movement and fitness qualities, such as balance, flow of body movement, rhythm, coordination, flexibility, agility, strength, and endurance.

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