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George cantor Biography PDF

George cantor Biography PDF

A famous German mathematician, Georg Cantor is known for discovering and building a hierarchy of infinite sets according to their cardinal numbers. He is also known for inventing the Cantor set, which is now a fundamental theory in mathematics. Born into a family of musicians, he displayed an aptitude for music at a young age. 

                                           He also excelled in his studies and was particularly drawn towards mathematics. He received his education from the University of Berlin where he specialized in physics, philosophy, and mathematics before embarking on a successful academic career. Although Cantor’s views on certain mathematical topics were severely opposed by many of his contemporaries, he refused to give in to their criticism and continued his research. 

                                           Apart from the cardinal numbers, Georg Cantor is also credited for having furthered the study of trigonometry and transfinite numbers. In addition, he established the importance of one-to-one correspondence in set theory. He suffered from mental illness during the later years of his life, yet he remained actively involved in mathematical works. He was awarded the Sylvester Medal, which is a highly prestigious award in mathematics. Cantor was also interested in music and arts. It is said that Cantor was a spiritual personality and believed that God communicated some of his mathematical discoveries to him


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                George cantor Biography

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