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vocabulary Builder book-1

vocabulary Builder book-1

"Vocabulary helps you learn new words, play games that improve your vocabulary, and explore language."Vocabulary builder book-1" is written by P.Manohar Naidu sir. This book is useful for primay and pre-primary school childrens. This book is also useful for remedial teaching perpose also.This book contains-Picture reading, Read picture with word , Read given words ,Match the word capitalletter to small letter , Match the word with picture ,Write the names of things using word list , Circle the same word , Write the following words in alphabetical order ,Write the correct number related tothe picture , Tick (√ ) the right word under the each picture , Find and circle the words in given below , Complete the following concept map with related words, Circle the given words which are related to the class room ,Find add one out , Complete the list for each category , Which items belongs to heads classify them ,Remove first letter from these words to make a new work , Read the rhyming words , Match the rhyming words ,Write the rhyming words , Word emerging from the ending letter ,Find & write the names of classroom related words start with the letters C, B, P, D, Read and write missing letters ,Write names of given pictures , Complete the words , Circle the correct spelling from the list of words given below ,Arrange the jumble words, Write plurals ,Look at the picture and do puzzle , Fill the following boxes with the lettes related to the ‘Class room’ ,Pick out letters from letter box and make at least 5 classroom related words ,Write as many words as possible from the “black board”, Copy the letters , Match the related words andwrite on the given space Connect two words ,Count and write the right word ,Count the objects in the class room and finish the sentences about them ,Read the sentences with the picture and write them ,Read the sentences and circle class room related words ,Read the following tables and write sentences with the help of the table , Match the related words and write phrases , Match the related words and write sentences , Here, Rajani says about her class room. Read these sentences and write some sentences about your class room ,Here, Gopika says thing had in her school bag. Read these sentences andwrite some sentences about you and more.......

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