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English for Parents

"English for Parents" mp3 is useful for all parents to improve english grammer.

Listen to more English
Listening to more English will improve your speaking.Most English learners read too much and listen too little.But when babies and children learn English, they listen first – then speak – and later learn to read and write.Half of a conversation is hearing the other person – and if you don’t understand what they’re saying, how can you respond correctly?So if you want to improve your English speaking, spend more time listening!
Bonus: Listening more will also help you naturally improve your pronunciation and reduce your accent.

Speaking English spontaneously by yourself is also EXTREMELY helpful in developing your ability to put your ideas into words… without the pressure of a real conversation. You can look at a list of discussion questions and respond out loud in English – speaking alone.It might feel a little silly, but remember – this is GREAT training for your spoken English, and there’s nobody to hear your mistakes !

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