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AP Schools Rationalization Guidelines GO.MS.No:29, Dated:22-05-2017



G.O.MS.No. 29 Dated: 22-05-2017
Read the following:-
1. G.O.Ms.No.55 Education (Ser.III) Department, Dated:23.04.2011.
2. G.O.Ms.No.61 Education (SE-SER-III) Department, Dated: 16.05.2011.
3. C.S.E.Lr.Rc.No.25/Estt-III/2015, Dated:30.06.2015 addressed to Government.
4. G.O.Ms.No.39- 51, Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated:07.08.2015 pertains to
respective districts.
5. C.S.E. Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015, Dated:01.01.2016.
6. C.S.E.Lr.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015, Dated:26.04.2016 addressed to Government.
7. Govt. Memo.No.228816/Ser-II/A2/2016 School Education Department,
8. C.S.E.Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015, Dated:26.05.2016.
9. Lr.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015, Dated: 10.04.2017 addressed to Government.
Government vide G.O.Ms.No.55 Education (Ser.III) Department,
Dated:23.04.2011 and G.O.Ms.No.61 Education (SE-SER-III) Department, Dated:
16.05.2011 have issued norms for Rationalization of Schools, Posts, and Staff under
various managements (viz.) Government, Zilla Parishad, Mandal Parishad, Municipal
Schools. It is found that, there are still some schools with higher student strength vis-
à-vis the sanctioned teaching posts and on the other hand there are some schools with
uneconomic strength of students having more teachers.
2) During 2015, based on the Working Group recommendations, positive
consolidation of the primary schools and establishment of Model Primary Schools was
taken up. Government in G.O.Ms.No.39 Education (Ser.II) Department,
Dated:07.08.2015 to G.O.Ms.No.51 Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated:07.08.2015
read with G.O.Ms.No.86 Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated:03.11.2015 to
G.O.Ms.No.98 Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated:03.11.2015 issued orders
indicating norms for Establishment of Model Primary Schools in the State.
3) Further, vide reference 5th and 8th read above, a Committee was constituted
to study and suggest revision of rules issued in G.O.Ms.No. 55 Education (Ser.III)
Department, Dated 23.04.2011 and G.O.Ms.No.61 Education (SE-SER-III) Department,
Dated 16.05.2011.
4) The Committee suggested revised norms taking a realistic approach, RTE
norms, subject weightage, allocation of periods, workload, accessibility, viability of
schools, present sanctioned strength etc. The Commissioner of School Education
Andhra Pradesh in the reference 9th cited, requested the Government to issue orders
based on the recommendations of the Committee. Further, certain suggestions were
received from the Hon'ble M.L.Cs and Teachers’ Unions at a meeting held on
( Contd.... 2.. )
:: 2 ::
5) After careful examination of the Committee Report, the additional proposals of
the Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, and in supersession of the
orders issued of the norms and the guidelines in the reference 1st and 2nd read above,
Government hereby issues the norms and guidelines annexed to these orders.
Necessary Rationalization of the Posts / Teachers in Government / Zilla Parishad and
Mandal Parishad Schools shall be taken up based on the integrated U-DISE Data.
6) The District Level Committee chaired by the District Collector shall undertake
the Rationalization of schools exercise.
1. District Collector - Chairman
2. Joint Collector / Addl. Joint Collector - Member
3. Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad - Member
4. P.O. (S.S.A) - Member
5. P.O. I.T.D.A - Member (for scheduled areas)
6. District Educational Officer - Member Secretary
7) The Committee is competent to rationalize the Teacher Posts / Teachers in the
Schools under Government / Zilla Parishad / Mandal Parishad as per the norms and
guidelines issued as a part of this G.O.
8) The surplus teachers will be first utilized by the Department for ensuring
deployment in those schools where there is a deficit as per student teacher norms,
then for strengthening academic monitoring, improving quality education in schools,
work adjustment in long leave vacancies, to meet the needs of vacancies of
instructors’ posts in Teacher Education Institutions, etc. This exercise can be done by
the Commissioner of School Education through work adjustment method at his / her
level, if required, during the academic calendar year.
9) It is clarified that on account of this Rationalization there shall be no creation
of any new posts nor reduction/abolition/surrender of the sanctioned posts.
Transportation facility shall be provided for any consolidation resulting 3 km or more
travelling for UP and High Schools and 1km or more for Primary Schools.
10) The Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh shall issue time frame
and further instructions on the implementation of these orders and complete
Rationalization exercise at the earliest. Any clarification/modification if required for
effective and proper implementation of this order, Commissioner of School Education
would be competent to issue such orders of clarifications/modifications.
11) This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance Department vide their
U.O.No.FIN-30022/7/2017-SO(HR.I), dated 19.05.2017.

                                                                                            ADITYA NATH DAS,
                                                       PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNEMNT

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