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8TH CLASS BIOLOGY apiculture- తేనె పరిశ్రమ

                                  8TH CLASS BIOLOGY APICULTURE
Honey is often the main desired product of beekeeping, this sweet viscous solution is the result of nectar that has undergone a physical change of having a majority of its moisture evaporated. Where as honeybees are not the only producers of honey, they are the only producers that create an excess that is harvestable.
Honey is mainly used for cooking or for the preparation of food and drink. Traditionally, honey is use as a sweetener in food, and is actually over one and a half times as sweet as standard table sugar. The added sweetness attributed to honey, and the fact that it will have a bouquet of different flavors based on the variety of nectar that was collected to make it, creates quite the attraction to cooks. Honey however is not limited to usage in edibles. Honey can also be used for many varying applications including usage in wine making, traditional medicine, cosmetics, and allergy relief among other uses.


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