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Hydrogen element basic concepts



Video tutorials, whether recorded or live, are important to students because they add another dimension to learning that makes a student's educational experience more effective. The videos allow a classroom setting to come to life, offering different perspectives and tools that students might not normally be able to take advantage of in their learning.

Video tutorials can be viewed on computers through either DVDs or online streams, as well as mobile devices. They provide accessibility to those with disabilities who are not able to physically be present in a live classroom. Mothers of young children can learn from home while still attending to their children. Video tutorials help adult students save on transportation costs and commuting time. They allow students who were unable to attend class at their school or college due to illness or vacation to catch up on missed lessons from any location. Video tutorials also allow students to access lessons from instructors who are well-known as specialists in their fields, but otherwise inaccessible to students due to distance, such as professors in foreign countries. These professors on video might add another dimension to the students' learning in those fields that their local schools cannot provide.

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