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USING songs, rhymes and picture books is a great way to help your child develop their language and communication skills. It’s never too early or too late to start signing and rhyming with your child.

Not only is it fun but it is also a great way to get to know each other. Children’s communication skills develop at different rates but there are many things parents can do to help their child develop the skills to read, write and communicate effectively.
Sing to your child. A child loves nothing more than the sound of their parents’ voice. Don’t worry about being the best singer. Your baby will be soothed and calmed by your voice.

They love changes in variation and vocal tone. This keeps it exciting for them and helps them to learn about the natural sounds of a language. If you forget the words, make up your own variations. What’s most important is the time you and your child spend singing together. Giving children a sense of joy and excitement about language will naturally help to boost their desire to read and write.
Rhymes also help us to learn to play with words. They tune our ears to all the sounds in the word. By hearing different sounds we learn how sounds combine and blend together to form a word.

If we can learn the sounds and hear the different sounds that make up a word then we can learn how to play with them, how to change them and most importantly, we can learn to recognise what sounds can be paired with other sounds. A child who knows four nursery rhymes by the time they’re four will naturally be a better reader at eight years old.

When saying nursery rhymes, we tend to speak more slowly and clearly. This is great because it means that children have a chance to catch the words and the way they’re formed. If you can, ask your child to face you. The eye contact will help your child develop their non-verbal communication skills. 

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