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How do children benefit from music and dance?
Many people today are better equipped than ever before to deal with life’s challenges and difficulties.We live longer, enjoy more leisure time, and have access to the world's knowledge at the touch of a button.But children are spending less time playing physically, mixing with different generations, creating imaginary games, and interacting with parents. Many are becoming socially isolated because their leisure time is spent in front of a computer or television. They are losing the ability to empathize, to communicate and to read emotional language.A children's song may be a nursery rhyme set to music, a song that children invent and share among themselves or a modern creation intended for entertainment, use in the home or education. Although children’s songs have been recorded and studied in some cultures more than others, they appear to be universal in human society.

Singing has many surprising benefits for children
The meaning of music or dance is not dependent on language. Our first response to music is through the movement of the body. Babies create their own choreography (in the womb, they are practicing stretching, kicking and hitting movements) and small children become totally absorbed in the physical sensation of movement.Singing is also an aerobic exercise that improves the efficiency of the cardio-vascular system, increasing the oxygenation of the blood and improving alertness. It is linked to stress reduction, longevity and general health. Improving airflow in the upper respiratory tract impedes the bacteria that can cause colds and flu.They can express their feelings of joy or excitement, of being scared or proud. Musical activity involves many different parts of the brain, so singing (which involves music and language) helps develop these areas, as neurological studies from the UK, Germany and the US have found.

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