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Geo Board | Activity Board | maths model TLM

Activity Board | maths model TLM

A geo-board is a math manipulative used to support early geometric, measurement and numeracy concepts. A geo-board is a square board with pegs that students attach rubber bands to. If geo-boards aren't handy, you can also use dot paper, although it doesn't make learning quite as enjoyable for the students. Geo-boards come in 5 by 5 pin arrays and in 10 by 10 pin arrays. Initially, a conversation needs to occur about the appropriate use of rubber bands when using geo-boards.Geoboard working model, mathematics working models, maths tlm, low cost tlm , easy geoboard making video ,Maths TLM working model , maths models , teaching learning materials , tlm materials, tlm videos , project works, maths projects , low cost no cost tlm
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