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Small small English Telugu conversations

Small small English Telugu conversations

Small small coversations useful for following situations in between two persons...Rented House, When one talks to a co-passenger in a train, A teacher and a student, A father and son, A doctor and a patient, Two collegues are discussing, Two Students, A car owner and a driver, Manager-Staff, At College, Colleagues, A bus Conductor and a Passenger, Cell Phone Friends, Father and Daughter, Father and Son, Taxi Booking, Traffic Police, At the train, House Rent, A Doctor and a Patient, A car owner and a driver, A doctor and a patient, At the Office, At School, An autorickshaw driver & a passenger, A husband and wife, Friends, At the shop, When relatives come visiting, A postman and an individual, At the post office, At the petrol bunk, At the lodge, Lovers, At the temple etc..

Why is speaking English so darn hard?
You know the words, you’ve heard them many times before. You’ve even gone over them using all kinds of learning strategies.You can probably think of what you want to say -but your mouth just can’t produce the words.

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