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10th class Mathematics Important Key concepts
10th class Mathematics important  key concepts prepared by I.V. MOHAN REDDY, HM, ZPHSCHOOL, KOTA NEMALI ,RAJUPALEM MD, GUNTUR DT.

This material contains chapter wise key concepts important formulas and important bit bank.Real Numbers,Sets, Polynomials, Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables, Quadratic Equations, Progressions, Similar Triangles, Tangents and Secants to a Circle, Trigonometry, Statistics  
A Maths concept is the 'why' or 'big idea' of maths. Knowing a math concept means you know the workings behind the answer. You know why you got the answer you got and you don't have to memorize answers or formulas to figure them out.

How to use this study material?
Here are some tips to use this study material while revision during the summative examinations.Go through the syllabus given in the beginning. Identify the units carrying more weightage. Suggestive blue print and design of question paper is a guideline for you to have clear picture about the form of the question paper. Revise each of the topic/unit , and consult the problem with your teacher. After revision of all the units, solve the sample paper and do self assessment with the value points.Must study the previous paper which will enable you to know the coverage of content under different questions.Underline or highlight key ideas to have bird eye view of all the units at the time of examination. Write down your own notes and make summaries with the help of this study material.

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