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5th round Janmabhoomi l vidya vikasam

1.To identify one active teacher in the village and designate him/her as JB Programme            coordinator for ensuring JB programme ( Village / Ward level ) 
2.To ensure all Mandal Educational Officers and Deputy Educational Officers to act as JB      Programme coordinators at Mandal level and Divisional levels respectively. 
3.To ensure 100% participation of teachers and students in the JB Porgrame in order to        educate students and villagers on various themes of Janmabhoomi Programme i.e              scheduled from 02.01.2018 to 11.01.2018 from 02.00 p.m to 05.00 p.m. duly adopting        the measures for not disturbing the instructional classes in respect of 10th class students. 
4.To Prepare Education profiles at School, Village, Mandal, Division, Constituency and     District levels consisting last 3 year significant achievements of School Education             Department, Major Challenges, Key issues, Gaps, Vision and targets so as to provide           necessary background material to facilitate the discussion on 05.01.2018. 
5.To release broachers in related to last three years significant achievements (year-wise)       on all the Govt., schemes being implemented by the School Education Department. 
6.To conduct Competitions in various literary and cultural activities such as debate,               elocution, essay writing, painting, Folk dance, Kuehipudi etc..
7.To organize 9 sports (Local Games and Sports) like Kal)kidi, Klio, Volley ball,                  13adminton including other local games with active participation of Pl.as / I'Ds in              coordination with and District Administration. Newly constructed play fields may be          utilized for conduct of above games. 
8.To conduct Rangoll corn peti (ions in addition to the above competitions on the day           specified by the District. Admiration. 
9.To cooperate with District administration in conduct. of 51< Run in each Mandal               Headquarter on January 7th from 06.30 a.m to 07.30 a.m. 
10.To cooperate with the visiting teams for providing relevant information while they arc      visiting the schools. 
11.To participate in Award Distribution on 1.1.01 .2018 in the Janmabhoomi - Maa vooru        programme and distribute prizes / awards to the winners at various levels in                          coordination    with District administration / I & PR Department. 

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