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UTF SSC Social Studies Model Papers with answers

"UTF SSC Social studies Model Papers with answers" prepared by M.Venkateswarlu, HM, ZPHS(Girls), Eepurupalem , Prakasam Dt. & K.S.V.Krishna Reddy, HM, ZPHS, Ganti, East Godavari Dt.

                                                         Best Wishes 
Dear Teachers and Students... 
It is well known that AP United Teachers' Federation (UTF) does not need any particular introduction. Though basically a Teachers' organization UTF - from its inception - never felt that it has to be confined to day to day teachers' problems only. It has been relentlessly fighting for the scientific policies of education keeping in view the welfare of the students as well as the society. 
You are all aware that UTF has been publishing X class Test Papers for the last 30 years with great reputation and demand from students. Prepared by the committed teachers who have rich class room experience on one side and having watching closely the changes and tendencies of the text books and examinations respectively - it is everyone's knowledge that these papers are very useful for the common and average students. 
Now every aspect of education is commercialized including the examinations. In such a period attempting such a project without any profit motive is not an easy issue. But UTF has taken up it on it's shoulders and has been publishing these test papers for the last 30 years without any gap of single year. It is possible simply because of the enormous support UTF got from the teachers and students. 
Now the 2017-18 Test Papers are before you in both Telugu and English mediums. Expecting the same support from you, we feel that your opinions and suggestions have a great value to enrich and improve these Test Papers in future. 
With thanks and affection 
Vijayawada                                                                     V. Balasubramanyam ,MLC 

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