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SSC Examinations Instructions to Cheif DO Invigilators

"Instructions to DO , Cheif and invigilators for SSC examinations" Prepared by B.Nageswararao, Gr II HM, Khammam DT.
Important Instructions to Invigilators
1.If candidates have questions that concern the exam paper, these must immediately be reported to the responsible chief invigilator, who will then normally contact the course teacher.
2.The invigilators are responsible for ensuring quiet and order at the exam venue.
All unnecessary conversation between the invigilators and everything that disturbs the candidates must be avoided. If any noise disturbance occurs during the exam, this must immediately be reported to the Student and Academic Division. Invigilators are not permitted to use mobile telephones or tablet computers, or to read newspapers, etc.
3.Invigilators must be helpful and provide candidates with what they are entitled to as quickly as possible.
4.The invigilator should not start a conversation with the candidate. It is up to the individual candidate to decide whether he or she would like to talk or prefers quietness and concentration. Any conversation about exam questions and exam subjects must be avoided.
5.Candidates must not under any circumstances communicate with each other or with other external parties. This also applies to toilet visits.

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