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SSC PUBLIC EXAMINATIONS MARCH 2018 Result Detailed Press note


              The S.S.C Public Examinations were conducted from 15-03-2018 to 29-03-2018 on CCE Pattern with 80 marks in External and 20 marks in Internal Examination. The Spot valuation was conducted from 02-04-2018 to 15-04-2018. In SSC Public Examinations, March 2018. 615771 Candidates have registered for both Regular and Private Stream. 
            Both Regular and Private candidates put together 613378 candidates have appeared for the SSC Public Examinations, March 2018 as against 622538 candidates appeared for SSC March, 2017 Examinations. Out of 613378 candidates, 604527 are Regular candidates and 8851 are Private Candidates. 
Regular candidates 
➠State percentage of passes of Regular candidates is 94.48 
➠The Percentage of passes secured by Boys is 94.41 where as Girls secured 94.56 
➠Girls secured 0.15 higher percentage of passes than Boys. 
Private candidates 
➜State percentage of passes of Private candidates is 78.35 
➜The Percentage of passes secured by Boys is 77.69 whereas Girls secured 79.42                  percentage of passes. Girls secured 1.73 % higher than Boys. 
Regular candidates 
➥This year 5340 schools secured 100% of passes. 17 Schools have secured O' Percentage of result ( Aided- 2 Schools, Private-10 and ZP High School-5). 
➥PRAKASAM District secured HIGHEST percentage of passes i.e., 97.93 % in the State and NELLORE District secured LOWEST percentage i.e., 80.37 %.  
➥PRIVATE SCHOOLS secured highest percentage of Passes i.e., 98.11 %. 
➥Aided Schools secured lowest percentage i.e., 87.97 
➥Private Management secured 98.11%, BC Welfare secured 97.99%, A.P.ModeI Schools secured 97.38%, A.P.Residentia1 School secured 97.10%, KGBV secured 95.52%, APSWRS secured 93.91%, Zilla Parishad secured 92.57%, APTWRS secured 91.32% Government Schools secured 90.77%, and Municipal Schools secured 90.40%, Aided Schools secured 87.97%. 

SSC PUBLIC EXAMINATIONS MARCH 2018 Result Detailed Press note, ap ssc result march-2018 press note
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