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1st class Telugu flash card pictures

"1st class Telugu flash cards" book is prepared by P.Manohar Naidu, Chittoor District, AP.

What is a flash card ?
A flash card is a card bearing information, as words or numbers, on either or both sides, used in classroom drills or in private study.Flash cards are a simple, versatile, yet often under exploited resource. Flashcards can bear vocabulary, historical dates, formulae or any subject matter that can be learned via a question-and-answer format. Flashcards are widely used as a learning drill to aid memorization.

Uses of flash cards ?
Flashcards exercise the mental process of active recall: given a prompt (the question), one produces the answer. Beyond the content of cards, which are collected in decks, there is the question of use – how does one use the cards, in particular, how frequently does one review and how does one react to errors, either complete failures to recall or mistakes? Various systems have been developed, mostly based around spaced repetition – increasing the time intervals between reviews whenever a card is recalled correctly.

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