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8th class Mathematics FA-1 project works

8th class Mathematics FA-1 project works

Every unit contains a project work to be carried out by the students; every student should carry out one project for one formative. No need to carry out all the projects given in the textbook. 
If there are three projects given in the textbook for a formative, teacher is to write the titles of  these on the blackboard and ask the students select one among these.Projects help the students to evolve themselves as independent users of language. Project work provides a platform for integrating language skills and various study skills; it also involves higher order thinking skills.The learners have to explore the theme by collecting data, consolidating it using different formats, write reports on them and make presentations in the whole class.There is space for individual work, pair work and also group work. In addition to the projects suggested in the textbook teachers can go more projects related to the themes that are dealt with.

Awarding marks
The project carries 7 marks for the written work (preparation of tools 2; collection of data and analysis-2, report writing-3) and 3 marks for presentation of the report. Consider the indicators (written and oral) holistically and award total marks accordingly. No need to award item wise marks in the project.
Note: out of ‘4’ projects, one project should be group project

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