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The Constitution of School

The Constitution of School Prepared By MURALEEDHAR.K , PULLETIKURRU, PH:8978557191
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Education is internationally recognized as a fundamental right. At the national level, a constitutional commitment to education matters both symbolically and practically. Constitutions delineate a country's fundamental values and commitments as well as its economic and political organization. Because they are typically difficult to repeal or amend, constitutions are relatively resistant to retrenchment when administrations change. Constitutions also provide citizens with a tool to hold governments accountable for unfulfilled commitments and rights violations.

Constitutional protections of education range from general aspirations toward universalizing primary school to unequivocal guarantees of free and equal access to education at all levels. While international goals have prioritized universal primary education, completing a secondary education or higher has a strong impact on individuals’ health, employment and earnings throughout their lifetime
The opportunity to complete secondary school and pursue post-secondary studies is particularly important in today's skill- and knowledge-based economy. Yet this prospect eludes millions worldwide: in 2010, 71 million secondary-school aged youth were not receiving a formal education and the gross enrolment rate at this level in low-income countries was just 52 percent

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