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SBI Quick – MISSED CALL BANKING is a free service from the Bank where in you can get your Account Balance, Mini Statement and more just by giving a Missed Call or sending an SMS with pre-defined keywords to pre-defined mobile numbers from your registered mobile number. Please ensure that your mobile number is updated in your account to be able to register for this service.

If you have an Android, Windows, iOS or Blackberry phone, you can download SBI Quick app from the respective App Store. SBI Anywhere can avail SBI Quick facility in the pre-login section. With this app you need not remember the various keywords and destination mobile numbers. Once app is installed, internet connection is not required to use SBI Quick, as the communication would happen over SMS or Missed Call. Note that mobile app is not mandatory for using this facility.
SBI Quick service can only be activated for the  mobile number that is registered for a particular one SB/CA/CC/OD Account  with the  Bank. SMS &  missed call to be given from the registered mobile number.
SMS"REG<space> account number"  to  092234 88888.you will receive an SMS informing  successful registration for the facility.
 Balance Enquiry:
 give a missed call or  send an SMS"BAL" to 09223766666. .you will receive an SMS informing  last  balance in your account.
 Mini Statement:
 give a missed call or send an SMS"MSTMT"to 09223866666. .you will receive an SMS informing  last  balance and last 5 transactions in your  account.
 Block ATM Card:
 send an SMS"BLOCK< Space>xxxx"to  2 567676(xxxx   represents last 4  digit of the card number)

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  1. Very convenient provision for the customers.Thanks to the SBI management.


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