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Proforma for applying to District best Teacher awards


The following Proforma contains information regarding Name of the Teacher and Designation, Name of the School Working, Name of the Mandal, The following Weight age of marks taken into account for selection: Qualifications, Length of Service, Subject Taught-percentage of Passes in the subjects taught(SSC), Special work done for raising the enrollment of the school (Out of school children), Participation in the National Integration Activities, Training given to children to creative interest regarding co-curricular activities and Computers, Training to children in order to create interest co-curricular/extra curricular/sports/Games/Debate/Quiz/Drama and to make the children to participate in the competitions, Contribution of the teacher for Physical development of the school, Innovative writing useful to students, printing of books and author of text books and publication of articles at Awards received Previously.

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  1. For Dist best teacher's awards
    Is there Proforma/application for teachers...?


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