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Potti Sriramulu Biography


Potti Sriramulu Biography

అమరజీవి పొట్టి శ్రీరాములు జీవిత చరిత్ర

Amarajeevi Potti Sreeramulu (16 March 1901 – 15 December 1952), was an Indian freedom fighter and revolutionary. Sreeramulu is revered as Amarajeevi ("Immortal Being") in the Andhra region for his self-sacrifice for the Andhra cause. He became famous for undertaking a hunger strike for 56 days in support of having separate state for Andhra Pradesh; he died in the process.

His death sparked public rioting and Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru declared the intent by the newly liberated nation to form Andhra State three days following the death of Sreeramulu. He contributed his life for the formation of a separate Telugu-speaking state from the dominant Tamil-speaking state of tamil nadu presidency. His struggles led to the formation of separate Telugu-speaking state called "Andhra Pradesh".


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