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స్టూడెంట్ అటెండెన్స్ మార్క్ చేయని H.M. లకు కర్నూలు DEO గారి షోకాజ్ నోటిసులు


Student Attendance Not Marked Status On 09.03.2022 At 4:00 PM in Certain Schools in The Dist. - Show Cause Notice

స్టూడెంట్ అటెండెన్స్ మార్క్ చేయని H.M. లకు కర్నూలు DEO గారి షోకాజ్ నోటిసులు


RC.NO.DEO-PESHI/2022-1, Dt:09.03.2022.

Sub: School Education - Student Attendance not marked status on 09.03.2022 at 4:00 PM in certain Schools in the Dist - Explanation Called for -Issued.

Basing on the Online status on 09.03.2022 of the Student Attendance in Kurnool Dist, the Student Attendance are not marked in 70 Schools (List Enclosed) in the district upto 4:00pm on 09.03.2022. It clearly shows negligence of the Principals/Headmasters of the concerned schools in their legitimate duties and they are failed to take 100% Students Attendance.

Hence, is hereby issued Show Cause Notice to the Principals/Headmasters of the Schools (List enclosed) and they are directed to explain as to why action should not be taken against them for the above lapses. Their explanations should submitted within 03 days to the undersigned through the concerned Inspecting Officers without fail Failing which, further action will be initiated against then as per the rules in force.

The Inspecting Officers of the 70 Schools (list enclosed) are instructed to serve this Show Cause Notice to the concerned Principals/Headmasters of the said Schools immediately and submit their explanations to this office within time without fail. Otherwise action will be proposed to the higher authorities against the defaulters

This should be treated as MOST IMPORTANT

Encl : 70 Schools List



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