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SSC PE-2022: CSE Circular on Leakage of The Question Papers


SSC PE-2022: CSE Circular on Leakage of The Question Papers

Rc.No.CSE/SSC-2022-1, Dt: 28-04-2022


SSC పరీక్షల ప్రశ్నపత్రo లీకేజీ వార్తలపై కమిషనర్, స్కూల్ ఎడ్యుకేషన్ వారి సర్క్యులర్ - తెలుగులో


It is informed that the SSC Public examinations April/May 2022 are being conducted peacefully. The parents and students are requested not to panic on the rumors spread in certain whatsapp groups/social media TV Channels regarding the leakage of the question papers. No cases of question paper leakage are reported till now. It was noticed that on 27.04.2022 and 28.04.2022, at around 11.00 a.m (After the completion of one and half hour right from the beginning of the Examination i.e. 11.00AM) certain people are circulating the photos of question papers in the whatsapp groups claiming to be leaked paper and causing panic in the minds of student community and also to defame the department.

All the DEOs in the state are strictly directed to enforce the NO MOBILE phone rule in all the Examination centers. No body shall carry the mobile phones into the examinations centers. It should be safely deposited outside/at the entrance of the examination center.

Further, the Teachers and Non-Teaching staff who are not drafted for the examinations duty should not be allowed into the examinations center, If any violation in the above instructions are noticed, disciplinary action will be initiated against them under the provisions of Act 25/97.

The students and parents are reassured that the education department in coordination with other departments (Revenue, Police, Health, transport, Electricity and postal) have made all necessary arrangements for the conduct of examinations in foolproof manner. All precautions are taken to maintain confidentiality of the question paper and sale depositing of answer sheets. There is no need for any panic.

In an incident of circulating the question paper after starting of examinations in Kurnool on 27.04.2022, immediate action was taken and responsible for this mischief are arrested and disciplinary action taken against the departmental officials for their negligence.

All the media persons and general public are also requested not to circulate unverified and malafide information causing panic among Students.


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