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BOOK-50: Moral Stories e-Book


BOOK-50: Moral Stories e-Book


Ramu’s Institute Of Spoken English – Moral Stories e-Book

This book is prepared and published by Mr. Ramu from Adoni , Kurnool (Dist), A.P.

For more Contact Ramu sir: 9390495239


List of Moral Stories

1. The Dog and The Goat

2. The Wolf and The Sheep

3. The Bear and The Jackal

4. The Lion, The Jackal and The Wolf

5. The Cat and The Parrots

6. The Wolf and The Kid

7. The Lion and The Elephant

8. The Horse and The Dog

9. The Kid and The Wolf

10. The Cat and The Jackal

11. The Cat and The Cock

12. The Battle Horse and The Pig

13. The Frog and The Jackal

14. The Nurse and The Snake

15. The Child and The Brook

16. The Gnat and The Bull

17. The Vain Crow

18. The Blind Man and The Lame Man

19. The Kid and The Wolf

20. The Hares and The Frogs

21. The Turtle and The Eagle

22. The Ape, The wolf and The Fox

23. The Ape and The Nets

24. The Man and The Snake

25. The Vulture And The Lion

26. The Crow And The Goat

27. The Hawk And The Farmer

28. The Donkeys And The robbers

29. The Lion And The Wasp

30. Monkeys in a Make up Studio

31. The Duck and The Hound

32. The Tiger and The Jackal

33. The Peacock and The Crane

34. The Cock and The Jackal

35. The Playful Donkey

36. The Donkey and The Pig

37. The Hen and The Frog

38. The Naughty Monkey

39. The Heron and the Crab

40. The Farmer And The Crane

41. Pride Has a Fall

42. The Camel And The Jackal

43. Selfish Friendship

44. Honesty is the Best Policy

45. The Donkey in Lion's Skin

46. Haste makes Waste

47. The Truthful Woodcutter

48. Two Mules

49. The Elephant and The sparrow

50. The Faithful Dog

51. The Fate of the Fool

52. Can The Mice Eat Iron

53. Mischievous Pranks

54. The Rat And The Frog

55. True Justice

56. The Greedy Lion

57. The Vulture And The Jackal

58. Tit for Tat

59. Two Wise Goats

60. The Failed Cock

61. The Wolf and The Crane

62. The Tricky Fox

63. The Giant and a Traveller

64. The Foolish Donkey

65. The Lion And The Frog

66. The Lion And The Hog

67. The Lion And The Mouse


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