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Conduct of Employee Grievance Day on Every 3rd Friday of the Month by the District Collectors & HoDs – G.O. Released


Conduct of Employee Grievance Day on Every 3rd Friday of the Month by the District Collectors & HoDs – G.O. Released


GAD - Employees Welfare - Conduct of Employee Grievance Day on every 3rd Friday of the month by the District Collectors & Heads of Departments on the individual grievances of employees - Orders - Issued.


G.O.Rt.No.1233, Dated:24.06.2023.

ఏపి ఉద్యోగుల వ్యక్తిగత ఫిర్యాదులపై జిల్లా కలెక్టర్లు & విభాగాధిపతులచే ప్రతి నెల 3వ శుక్రవారం ఉద్యోగుల గ్రీవెన్స్ డే నిర్వహణ - ఉత్తర్వులు G.O.Rt.No. 1233 తేదీ: 24.06.2023 విడుదల.

ఉద్యోగులు వారి యొక్క వ్యక్తిగత సమస్యల గురించి గౌరవ జిల్లా కలెక్టర్లకు మరియు HODs కు దరఖాస్తు చేసుకోవచ్చు.

సమర్పించిన ప్రతి దరఖాస్తు JKC (జగనన్నకి చెబుదాం) పోర్టల్ నందు నమోదు చేయబడతాయి.

The Government is committed to the welfare of its employees and seeks to promote work like balance to enable the employees and their families to lead happy lives. To achieve this and for the welfare of employees, the Government gives priority to attend their individual Grievances. Therefore, for paying proper attention by the concerned authorities in attending the individual grievances of the employees on priority basis and to resolve them in a time bound manner, it is considered to conduct Employees Grievance Day every month.

2. Accordingly, Government hereby order to conduct Employee Grievance Day, on every third Friday of the month by all the District Collectors and Heads of Department in the State for attending the grievance of employees and resolving the issues in a time bound manner, as prescribed below:

i. Employees can submit any type of Individual Grievances to the District Collectors / HoDs including personal Grievances.

ii. All grievances shall be registered with unique IDs in the JKC (Jaganannaku Chebudham) portal.

iii. There shall be a facility to track the status of the Grievances by using unique IDs.

Iv. The Secretaries /HoDs shall fix the timelines for redressal of all types of Grievances.

V. Collectors / HoDs shall invariably review the ATRS of the Grievances so received bi-weekly.

3. The Information Technology, Electronic & Communications Department shall take necessary action to make provision in the JKC Portal for registering each individual grievance of the employee with Unique ID and facilitate to track the status of the Grievance by using unique ID/Phone Number.

4. All Spl.Chief Secretary/Prl.Secretary/Secretary to Govt., Departments of Secretariat, Heads of Departments and District Collectors shall take necessary further action in the matter accordingly.





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