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Remedial teaching English compiled workbook for VI to IX

Remedial teaching English compiled workbook for VI to IX

This workbook is edited by P.Manohar Naidu , K.V.Palli(MD), Chittoor(DT)/ This workbook contains 31pages only / This workbook has reduced (compiled) as minimum pages for the convenient for each children /AP SCERT Remedial teaching English student workbook/ Remedial teaching english  workbook is useful for 6th to 9th class students/This workbook contains following topics....
1.Class room/2.Festivals/3.Food items/4.Picnic/5.Hospital/6.SLIP TEST/7.Ill health/8.Our helping hands/9.Our nation/10.River/11.Cinema/12.SLIP TEST/13.Money14.Post office/15.Means of comunication/16.I can express my opinion/17.Letter/18.SLIP TEST/19.News papers/20.My radio/21.Computer/22.Internet/23.Ball24.Slip test/25.GRAND TEST/26.Badminton/27.Cricket – my loving game/28.M.s. Dhoni/29.Chess/30.Birds/31.SLIP TEST/32.Animals/33.Animal world/34.Wild animal35.Bakery/36.Fruits/37.SLIP TEST/38.Vegetables/39.Pulses/40.Flowers/41.Fair price shop – i/42.Village fair/43.SLIP TEST/44.Colours/45.Vehicles travel on the land46.Vehicles travel in water and air/47.My father/48.My family members/49.SLIP TEST/50.GRAND TEST/51.School bag/52.Going home/53.Television/54.Marriage /55.Games & sports – 1/56.SLIP TEST/57.Games & sports – health & fitness/58.Games & sports – kabaddi/59.Television ( tv )/60.Animals and their babies/61.Trees/62.SLIP TEST/63.Different places/64.Days of the week/65.Months of the year/66.Planning a holiday/67.Greeting people/68.SLIP TEST/69.House and it’s parts
70.Means of transport i use/71.Clothes/72.Routine/73.Types of houses/74.SLIP TEST/75.GRAND TEST/76.Celebrations/77.Ambulance/78.Getting ready to school/79.Examination/80.Unity/81.SLIP TEST/82.Games and sports/83.Cell phone/84.My face book account/ 85.Environment/86.Clothes /87.SLIP TEST/88.Market/89.Let’s plan – 2/90.Services/91.Describing appearances/92.Music /93.SLIP TEST/94.How you feel/95.Railway station/96.Free time/97.Kitchen/98.My living room /99.SLIP TEST/100.GRAND TEST

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