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Adam Smith Biography

Adam Smith Biography Prepared By Suresh Katta

Adam Smith was an 18th-century philosopher renowned as the father of modern economics, and a major proponent of laissez-faire economic policies. In his first book, "The Theory of Moral Sentiments," Smith proposed the idea of the invisible hand—the tendency of free markets to regulate themselves by means of competition, supply and demand, and self-interest. Smith is also known for his theory of compensating wage differentials, meaning that dangerous or undesirable jobs tend to pay higher wages to attract workers to these positions, but he is most famous for his 1776 book: "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations." Read on to learn about how this Scottish philosopher argued against mercantilism to become the father of modern free trade and the creator of the concept now known as GDP. 

Early Life
The recorded history of Smith's life begins on June 5, 1723, at his baptism in Scotland; however, his exact birthdate is undocumented. Smith attended the University of Glasgow at age 14, later attending the prestigious Balliol College at Oxford University. He spent years teaching and tutoring, publishing some of his lectures in his 1759 book, "The Theory of Moral Sentiments." The material was well-received and laid the foundation for the publication of "An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations," (1776), which would ultimately cement his place in history.

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