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Primary English Study material & Work book

Primary English Study material & Work book
My School - ‘Primary’ English Study material & Work book (‘1st Class’ to ‘5th Class’) PREPARED by SV APPALA NAIDU, SGT, GARIVIDI (M) VIZIANAGARAM (D)
This material contains following content - Alphabet, A to Z words, Week - days, Months, My family words, My school words, Colours, Cardinal numbers, Ordinal number; Parts of the body, Animals; Birds, Flowers; Fruits , Vegetables, Plants and trees, Directions , Professions, “WH” words, English words-1, General English questions, Some phrases and sentences, My English words (With Telugu meaning) , Rhyming words; Opposite words (Antonyms); Singular – Plural; Homophones , Homographs; About me; Some sentences; Some names , copy writing; Small conversations; Test items; Contractions; Good wordings / Proverbs; Let’s draw and paint
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