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GROUP II GEOGRAPHY (భారత దేశ నైసర్గిక స్వరూపం) (1 HOUR ) VIDEO BY SOFTNET

These video lessons will helpfull to All thecompetitive exams Especially for GROUP I& II in Andhr Pradesh and TElangana.video lessons contains the syllabus of General English , mental ability ,time and distance ,polity,Indian constitution , central and state governments - president , economy, Maths ,Geography ,Science and technology and G.k and Current affairs.

                                                    Society for Telangana State Network (SoFTNET) - a satellite-based communication network under IT,E&C Department, Government of Telangana. Telecasting two channels by  name MANA TV band width provided by ISRO. The channels are being utilized for Distance Education, Human Resource Development and e-Governance among others.
SoFTNET prepared this collection of videos so as to benefit the candidates appearing for different competitive exams. 

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