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List of chemical elements and its symbols

List of Chemical Elements and its symbols .

This book contains 118 elements with its Atomic number , Name of the element , Symbols. like....  1.Hydrogen H 31 Gallium Ga 2.Helium He 32 Germanium Ge 3 Lithium Li 33 Arsenic As 4 Beryllium Be 34 Selenium Se 5 Boron B 35 Bromine Br 6 Carbo C 36 Krypton Kr7 Nitrogen N 37 Rubidium Rb8 Oxygen O 38 Strontium Sr9 Fluorine F 39 Yttrium Y10 Neon Ne 40 Zirconium Zr11 Sodium Na 41 Niobium Nb12 Magnesium Mg 42 Molybdenum Mo13 Aluminum Al 43 Technetium Tc14 Silicon Si 44 Ruthenium Ru15 Phosphorus P 45 Rhodium Rh16 Sulfur S 46 Palladium Pd17 Chlorine Cl 47 Silver Ag18 Argon Ar 48 Cadmium Cd19 Potassium  and many more

Download....List of chemical elements and its symbols
List of chemical elements and its symbols , list of chemical elements

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