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how to register a school in shaala siddhi web portal and how to enter the school data in web portal


Shaala Sidhdhi

The National Programme on School Standards and Evaluation (NPSSE), known as Shaala Sidhdhi is a comprehensive instrument for school evaluation leading to school improvement. Developed by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), it aims to enable schools to evaluate their performance in a more focused and strategic manner and facilitate them to make professional judgments for improvement. The programme’s objective is to establish and refer to an agreed set of standards and to provide clear pathways for each school for self evaluation, by focussing on key performance domains and their core standards for school evaluation. The structure of the Framework is simple yet flexible and lends itself to both self and external evaluation.
A web portal for the framework has been launched by Hon’ble HRM on 7.11.2015 which will enable all schools to engage in self-evaluation in the 7 key domains under the Framework. The results of the evaluations will be available on a public platform along with the school report card.
Present Status:
  • A detailed Action Plan has been developed to institutionalise Shaala Siddhi by the respective States and UTs with the support of MHRD and NUEPA.
  • As part of generating awareness for critical engagement of States to ensure effective implementation of the programme, sessions on Shaala Siddhi were made part of other training programmes of NUEPA
  • All States/ UTs in consultation with NUEPA are visiting and accessing online Framework of National programme on School Standards and Evaluation and other documents.
  • Adaptation and translation and capacity building of the stakeholders for the effective implementation of Shaala Siddhi is on trial. Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh being lead states accomplished state specific adaptation and translation of documents and SSEF in their respective regional languages. A few States consulted NUEPA for professional support and guidance to undertake this task.
  • Maharashtra not only adapted and translated the Shaala Siddhi document in Marathi but also planning to roll out the programme in 70 schools.
  • Shaala Siddhi trial is complete in Andaman & Nicobar Islands (30 schools), Delhi (250 schools), Tamil Nadu (40 schools) Kendriya Vidyala (20 schools) and Navodaya Vidyalaya (20 schools-including 5 states)
  • States/ UTs are organising capacity development of Educational Administrators and Schools Heads on Shaala Siddhi with the support of NUEPA under RMSA approved activities. Delhi, Maharastra, Andaman & Nicobar, Madhya Pradesh and Puducherry have already organised capacity building programmes and Goa is scheduled to organise the programme shortly.
  • A National Consultative Meet on “Shaala Siddhi” is scheduled to be organised by NUEPA shortly to discuss and deliberate on the effective implementation of the programme.
  • All the States/UTs are being asked to cover all their schools under the programme in 2016-17 and subsequently the said evaluation would be a yearly activity.
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