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Remedial teaching English Level-2 compiled workbook for 3rd,4th&5th classes

Remedial teaching English Level-2 compiled workbook for 3rd,4th&5th classes

This workbook is edited by P.Manohar Naidu , K.V.Palli(MD), Chittoor(DT) / This level-2 english workbook has reduced (compiled) to 26pages out of 98 pages  for the convenient for each children /AP SCERT Remedial teaching level-2 English student workbook for 1st&2nd classes/ Remedial teaching level-2 english workbook is useful for 3rd,4th&5th classes students/This workbook contains...

Introducing letters /Introducing Animals/Introducing "I, we, he, she, it,you, they"/ Introducing Birds/Introducing Vegetables/ Introducing - my, our, your, his,her, its, their/Introducing - Flowers/ Introducing - am, is, are/Introducing - have, has/Introducing - vehicles/Introducing - A, an,the/ Introducing - Colours/ Introducing - Prepositions/Introducing - Professions/Introducing - do, does, did/ Introducing - Parts of the body/Introducing - have, has, had/Introducing - Relations/ Introducing - What, where,when, why/Introducing - Who, whome,whose, which/Introducing - how,howmuch/ Introducing - Places/ Introducing - Action words sit, stand, collect, clean, sing, draw, talk,write, read, walk, do, paste, erase...howmany/ Introducing - Action words skip, jump, run, pull, play,throw, hop,kick, sing, dance, jog.../ Introducing - Action words dig, plant, water, cut,pluck,clean/ Introducing - Action words sleep, watch, snore, buy, sell, go, come,reach, study, listen/ Introducing - Language functions Greetings/Introducing - Language functionsBirthday & Festival Greetings/ Introducing - Description/Introducing - Conversations/Introducing - Punctuation marks with home tasks
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